with Paul Brown 2016

feat. Paul Brown, vocals
Ulli Jünemann, sax
Jeanfrançois Prins, guitar 
Bart de Nolf, doublebass 
Bruno Castellucci, drums



with Gene Jackson, drums 
Jay Anderson, bass
Jeanfrançois Prins, guitar

BOO HOO TOUR – 2012-2014

with Jay Anderson, Adam Nussbaum
with Jasper van't Hof (Pili Pili), 2013-2016

Saxophonist Ulli Jünemann IMG_9135 IMG_9185 IMG_9211 IMG_9286

with Sonny Rollins !!! ;-)


with Ingrid Jensen :-) touring in 2000


with Ack van Rooyen, touring in 2005 and 2006

ack and friends-whole band 12.06



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